Job Opportunity – pizza /sandwich maker sought

We are looking for a Pizza / Sandwich chef to work at Amaretto Delicatessen Norwich – this is a great job opportunity for the right person. We are ideally looking for somebody with experience, but personality counts more; we can train up the right person – so if you don’t have experience don’t let that put you off. This is your chance to learn how to make great pizza the Italian way using the best ingredients. Our deli is a friendly and rewarding environment to work in; we pride ourselves on our team spirit and sense of camaraderie. As a small, family run business, we’re looking for somebody who knows how to get along with others, and who appreciates the importance of taking pride in their work. Food matters! Think you might fit in at Amaretto? Please come into the shop on 16 St George’s Street, Norwich between 10am-3pm and ask for Fabrizio. Alternatively do text Fab on 07732 538398. If Fab thinks that you’re a suitable candidate you’ll then be asked about your previous work experience, your available hours, and perhaps to work a brief trial session.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Amaretto Fine Food Tasting for Norwich Food and Drink Festival 2017

Its been a while since we’ve done a food tasting, but when the Norwich Food and Drink Festival got in touch to ask us to put on an event for the 2017 Festival, we were delighted to get involved.

Amaretto Fine Food Tasting for the Norwich Food and Drink Festival, 

Saturday 24th June, 2-4pm, Amaretto Deli, 16 St Georges St, Norwich.

Please do simply come down to Amaretto between 2-4pm to sample some of our cheeses, salami, hams, olives and other treats in the shop. Fabrizio will be there to answer any questions you might have or to make recommendations. As well as the Italian and Spanish food you can also sample some of our delicious local specialities. People tell us it’s all pretty good stuff, but don’t just take our word for it:

“All the delicacies are authentic, be they parmesan or Tuscan salamis, pasta sauces from Puglia or Spanish Manchego cheese and membrillo (quince jelly) – or cheeses from the local Norfolk farms. Where possible, goods are from family-run, artisan businesses. This is produce that you can’t buy in the supermarkets and it really shows.” Deli of the month, Food and Travel Magazine


Find out more about Amaretto’s deli treats on our website.

The Norwich Food and Drink Festival proper takes place on on Father’s Day, Sunday 18th June at the Forum and in the surrounding area, events running from 10am – 5pm. There will be the Battle of the Bangers, an Adnams beer tent, live music and loads more. Most info is on the Forum website for now and there will be an official Norwich Food and Drink Festival website launching before too long. And events celebrating great food will be taking place all through June at different venues across Norwich – do look out for them.

See you soon!

PS. Here’s a clip of Alan Partridge making the most of food tasting on Norwich Market. He really knows how its done.

Salute! A fond farewell to Umberto’s Trattoria.

When Fabrizio first came to Norwich fifteen years ago, one of the first places he found was Umbertos Trattoria, the Italian restaurant on St Benedict’s street, Norwich. Missing home, Fabrizio was delighted to find an authentic taste of Italy on his doorstep but more, he was pleased to find Umberto himself, who really helped Fabrizio out as he found his feet in Norwich.

“From the menu to the décor to the emotional Italian power-pop on the stereo to the wine served by the carafe, Umberto’s has a charmingly authentic retro feel to it.” Emma Lee, Eastern Daily Press

Umberto's Trattoria, Norwich

A few weeks ago now, Umberto asked Fab to pass by the restaurant. When he got there, Umberto had prepared a crate of beers, wine, pasta, and a bottle of the same Amaretto liquor he used to generously pour for us at the end of a meal when he came out of the kitchen in his chef’s hat and toured the restaurant. Umberto said that he was finally retiring, the restaurant would be closing soon. As well as the goodies, Umberto also passed on some cook-books. We were touched leafing through the recipes, as we recognised some of the classic dishes that we’d tasted in Umberto’s over the years, pages turned over denoting favourite recipes.

Umberto opened the restaurant in the mid-nineties, and cooked all his meals from scratch, using the best ingredients. The pictures around the restaurant conjured up Umberto’s native Calabria; the toe of the boot of Italy, located just over from Sicily. The regional cuisine is what kept his customers so happy over the years and at the end of the evening we were always pleased to spend some time talking to Umberto, hearing stories of his life growing up in Tropea, Calabria.

Umberto’s is now closed; another restaurant will be opening there soon. We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Umberto for all of the good times; Grazie Umberto!

Thank you for the recipe books – you can be sure that we will be recreating some of those same dishes for the Amaretto lunch-time crowd over the months to come. Norwich will miss you and your amazing food – and we wish you all the very best in your retirement. Please pass by for a coffee soon and often.

Comments are open on this post, do scroll down and leave a message for Umberto – we will pass it on.

La Cucina Siciliana cookbook
A favourite Italian recipe

“Un pezzo di Calabria. Uno di quei vecchi ristoranti a gestione familiare, cosa difficle da trovare in inghilterra…cibo ottimo, buona la pizza e servizio giovane e sorridente.”

“A piece of Calabria. One of those traditional Italian family restaurants that are very difficult to find in England….Great food, great pizza and youthful, smiling service.”

Nico T, Genova, Trip Advisor

Does your cake deserve to be famous? Send your recipe to Amaretto Deli

Hello there,

A while ago, we wrote about our famous cakes, the power of the Amaretto window. Now we’re interested in hearing from you if you have any cake recipes that you’d like to see in that same Amaretto window. We make nearly all of our cakes fresh in-house each day – one of our favourite early morning tasks is decorating them; a bowl of warm dark chocolate never fails to delight. We have firm favourites, including a chocolate brownie that the Guardian calls five star, but we always try to rotate our recipes, try new things. A few years ago, a colleague, Lara supplied us with a delicious vegan recipe, and Lara’s Apple Cake has been going down a storm ever since. Warm, filling, dusted with sugar – non-vegans love it too.

We always like to keep a good vegan and gluten-free cake in the shop, so those recipes are of particular interest, but any and all ideas are welcome. We can’t promise to use them all, but if you think your special recipe needs to hit the streets, and the much photographed Amaretto window, then we’d love to hear from you.

A word of warning on flap-jacks. We find them incredibly divisive. Each recipe, or supplier we try will please some but not others. Some people like them almost crunchy. Others need them buttery and soft. We are at peace with the flap-jack binary but if you think your recipe can hit the jack-pot, do let us know.

On that note, we’ve been at work, testing a new website, which is now live. We’ll be populating it further over the next few weeks- all the better to keep in touch with (we’re especially keen on making it slightly quicker to load). We have a contact page on the site, which you can use to send in your recipes, or – good old fashioned email  ( will also do it, or a message on Facebook.

If you have any other thoughts / feedback then do use those same channels to say hello at any time. And at this point we must also say a big thank you to Phil from Phil Barnes Photography who has taken such lovely photographs for the site.

Now, back to the kitchen. Hoping this post finds you all well, and safe from the ice-showers that have been assaulting the fine city of Norwich out of a surprisingly blue sky. Bring on the heat – we’re planning slightly warmer fare for the daily lunch crowd this week…

See you soon.

Let us all eat cake: Amaretto’s home-cooked calling cards

Amaretto Deli is known for having queues of people at lunch-time, but at nearly all points during the day the large window does a great job of pulling people in who would like to walk by, but simply find they can’t.
Amaretto’s cakes.
Stacked up in our window, freshly cooked in our kitchen every morning, these cakes call to people on the approach past St Andrew’s; you will want to carry on, but then there’s that moment of hesitation…
And why not.
Now that the daffodils are out, as the sun warms up, so people are ever more inclined to wander about, to stop to look.
And to eat cake.
On a diet? Gorge yourself on these photos instead: