Join Amaretto Deli for our tenth birthday, Saturday 5th May

Please join us for birthday cake

On Saturday 5th May Amaretto Delicatessen will be celebrating ten years since opening, and we’d love you to join us for cake, whether you’re a new customer, or an old friend. We’ll be serving free cake and a festive atmosphere all day in the shop from 9-5; come by any time to say hello. (Please note we’ll be closing earlier than usual, at 5pm to have a private cin-cin with staff).

It’s hard to believe that ten years have passed since Fabrizio and his then business partner bought Espresso The General Store from Jan and Willian Cheeseman back in May 2008. Fab went on to take sole ownership of the shop, and much else has happened over the years, including being voted into the finals of the English Italian Awards last year and taking runner up for Best Deli. Fantastic….What hasn’t changed is that Amaretto belongs to its staff and the community of brilliant people that come into the shop, whether weekly or just every so often. It’s all of you who make Amaretto Deli the warm and friendly place it is, and we’d love you to celebrate with us.

We’ll be gathering photos and stories of our ten years hanging out in the Cathedral quarter of Norwich over the next couple of weeks, so if you have any please do let us know in the comments below.

Find out more about Amaretto Deli’s story here.

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Interested in coming along? Amaretto Deli contact details are here.

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Buona Pasqua: have a good Easter 2018

Looking for something special this Easter?

We’ve got lots of new stock in, including delicious pasta, lovely artisan breadsticks, Amaretti biscuits, fresh Gnocchi and Pesto, as well as our usual favourites

Fresh Gnocchi in Amaretto Deli, Norwich
Fresh Gnocchi in stock now

If you’re looking for something special for the Easter weekend, do come in tomorrow, Thursday 29th, if you can, as we will be closed right across the Easter weekend – this is a small deli and we like to give the team a proper break.

Artisinal Italian pasta in Amaretto Deli
Artisanal Italian pasta in Amaretto Deli

++We are closed from Friday 30th March, including Saturday 31st March, re-opening Tuesday 3rd April. ++

If we don’t see you before, do have a very happy and restful Easter 2018, and see you next week.

Amaretto Deli

Join us in ditching the plastic part two: taking out the take-out boxes.

Introducing our new cardboard take-away boxes

Last month we blogged about our commitment to ditching single use plastic in Amaretto Deli, after one too many horrifying accounts of what our use of throw-away plastics is doing to our oceans.

We’d just like to update you on where we’re at – yesterday we were proud in introduce our new cardboard take-away hot food boxes, and biodegradable straws. We are also now serving only wooden cutlery.

Our customers have reacted really positively to these changes – it’s helping us all to feel better about our daily impact on the planet; and we’re going to keep going, watch this space.

Join us – and here’s why

To all the other small businesses (and individuals) out there, we are in many ways more fleet of foot than large businesses, let’s turn that to our advantage. Why don’t you join us in giving people what they want and need – and cut out the plastic, because this battle looms ever larger and we need to keep this revolution moving. Why? Here are some recent developments:

Plastic Island bigger than we thought

If you’re doubting the importance of all this have a look at today’s reports on research published in the journal Nature that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is greater than previously thought. Laurent Lebreton, an oceanographer and lead author of the study says:

‘We need a coordinated international effort to rethink and redesign the way we use plastics. The numbers speak for themselves. Things are getting worse and we need to act now.’

Ocean plastic will triple in the next ten years

Apart from that headache, the ocean plastic problem is set to get worse: only yesterday the Government’s The Foresight Future of the Sea Report warned that the plastic littering the ocean is  currently due to treble in the next ten years. Professor Ed Green said:

‘When people get to see what is in the ocean, and the Blue Planet series and so on have helped people to visualise it, and then I think their reaction is twofold, one is complete wonder at what is there, and in other cases complete horror at what we’re potentially doing to it.’

Still not convinced? How about this report from Orb Media last week that 93% of top bottled water brands are contaminated with micro-plastics (!)

It’s easy to feel hopeless in these circumstances, but there is a great deal we can all do, and we can do it now. Do keep us updated on how you’re getting on, and we’ll do the same.

Good luck with it!

Amaretto Deli

Sweet blood orange: why you need this fruit of the devil

Known as ‘the fruit of the devil’ because of its striking ruby colouring, the flesh of the blood orange is as distinctive as its raspberry infused taste. Grown in Sicily, the orange has protected geographical status, and is higher than other oranges in anti-oxidants: it packs a punch in every way. For this reason it is an incredibly good-looking and healthy option for a juice – Italians regularly make themselves a spremuta d’arancia rossa – a fresh blood orange juice – at breakfast time, or instead of a mid-morning coffee.

Fresh blood orange juice / Spremuta d’arancia rossa:

To make your morning sparkle, all you need to do is squeeze the juice of one orange (no high-tech gadgets needed) and add it to a glass, adding the same amount of water, to taste. With the oranges we have in the shop right now there’s no need to add any sugar – they are delicious as is, but if you find yourself with one of the tarter varieties just add a little sugar. And that’s it. No ice, they are to be served at room temperature. These orange juice drinks are sold in bars through-out Italy, it’s a delicious tradition that we hope will kick off in the uk.

And if you want your juice with a little more fizz, why not try a cocktail:

The Venus Blush cocktail: with thanks to


4 parts prosecco– one part of blood orange juice – one part of Aperol  – ice – soda –  a slice of orange to garnish.


Fill a tall glass with ice. Add the prosecco, the orange juice and Aperol, close with a spritz of soda on top. Serve straight away with the garnish of orange. 

We have these blood oranges in stock now, but they won’t be around for much longer, so do come in and grab yours now. Making a spremuta d’arancia or cocktail is only one of the many things you can do with this fruit; they are also great for cakes, candies and fizzy salads.

Do let us know if you have your own way of using blood oranges, we’d love to hear from you.

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Buona Festa della Donna; please celebrate in style!

March 8th is always a festive day in Italy. The country celebrates La Festa Della Donna each March by feting women and celebrating their public and private achievements.

Men give the women in their life mimosa flowers on a day that feels a lot like Mother’s Day. Partners might go out for dinner, little presents are shared. It is also a day when women support each other, going out to celebrate together, often dressed in yellow.

The official cake of La Festa Della Donna is la torta mimosa. The cake is a delicious yellow treat that you might want to try sometime even if, we know, this day is about more than confection.

We’ve come a long way but still have a long way to go regarding equality for women, especially in Italy where women’s rights lag considerably behind their sisters in the UK. So however, wherever you’re marking International Women’s Day, whether in protest, action, or celebration, may we add our voice to the chorus in full support.

Have a brilliant International Women’s Day 2018!

Amaretto Deli