Auguri! Time to prepare the cheese, olive and salami platter

A feast ready for Christmas

Right through this final Christmas week we’ll be serving up Christmas cheese, hams, salami and olives and any last minute hampers or gifts; closing at 6pm, Saturday 23rd December. People generally come to us for their Christmas treats because they’re looking for either local or artisanal goods; they come for that personal touch.

This personal touch is something Tuscany is still good at – Florence is particularly lovely at Christmas time; crisscrossing lamps across the little streets; stall vendors selling chestnuts, small shop windows dressed with traditional decorations; golds, maroon, gilt. Fab likes to create some of that same magic in Amaretto too but really it’s not only about products or colours. It’s about keeping Christmas thoughtful; personal and smaller scale.

For us, it’s all the many different individuals we meet that make this shop such a pleasure to work in; the quick chat, the checking in. So let us take this opportunity to wish you all well as we turn towards Christmas and a new year.

Auguri! Keep warm and see you soon.

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