Support your local indy: vote for us in the English Italian Awards 2017!

Amaretto Deli, Fab

Final chance to Vote Amaretto – let’s take best Italian Deli in the English Italian Awards Finals – voting closes at midnight this Thursday 17th August.

If you have a couple of minutes free, Amaretto Deli would love your vote in the English Italian Awards 2017 – let’s get Norfolk into the English Italian Awards finals! Voting closes at midnight tomorrow night.

Fabrizio used to import Tuscan deli food and deliver across Norfolk and due to these connections Fab now stocks lots of Italian specialities in Amaretto that you can’t get anywhere else. Salami includes salame Toscano, Tartufo (truffle) and Finocchiona (fennel) from Adriano Manchini. There is fresh gnocchi and pasta, lots of Italian cheeses, olives, sauces, oils, chocolates and hampers.

As well as this, Amaretto serves Italian coffee through-out the day, and even our local ice-cream is made by Parravani’s. You will always see a large queue of people at lunch-time; buying hot meals or pizza and sandwiches, not to mention the olives, cheeses and salami.

In true Italian style, Fab also stocks lots of quality local food, and is a proud new member of the local project Proudly.

People are voting for us in the regional categories of Best Deli/Cafe and Best Team – and if you felt like it, a vote for Best Italian Business would be great too.

You’ll need our details: Amaretto Delicatessen, 16 St Georges Street, Norwich, NR3 1BA.

Vote in the English Italian Awards here.

Many thanks!

The Amaretto Team

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