Does your cake deserve to be famous? Send your recipe to Amaretto Deli

Hello there,

A while ago, we wrote about our famous cakes, the power of the Amaretto window. Now we’re interested in hearing from you if you have any cake recipes that you’d like to see in that same Amaretto window. We make nearly all of our cakes fresh in-house each day – one of our favourite early morning tasks is decorating them; a bowl of warm dark chocolate never fails to delight. We have firm favourites, including a chocolate brownie that the Guardian calls five star, but we always try to rotate our recipes, try new things. A few years ago, a colleague, Lara supplied us with a delicious vegan recipe, and Lara’s Apple Cake has been going down a storm ever since. Warm, filling, dusted with sugar – non-vegans love it too.

We always like to keep a good vegan and gluten-free cake in the shop, so those recipes are of particular interest, but any and all ideas are welcome. We can’t promise to use them all, but if you think your special recipe needs to hit the streets, and the much photographed Amaretto window, then we’d love to hear from you.

A word of warning on flap-jacks. We find them incredibly divisive. Each recipe, or supplier we try will please some but not others. Some people like them almost crunchy. Others need them buttery and soft. We are at peace with the flap-jack binary but if you think your recipe can hit the jack-pot, do let us know.

On that note, we’ve been at work, testing a new website, which is now live. We’ll be populating it further over the next few weeks- all the better to keep in touch with (we’re especially keen on making it slightly quicker to load). We have a contact page on the site, which you can use to send in your recipes, or – good old fashioned email  ( will also do it, or a message on Facebook.

If you have any other thoughts / feedback then do use those same channels to say hello at any time. And at this point we must also say a big thank you to Phil from Phil Barnes Photography who has taken such lovely photographs for the site.

Now, back to the kitchen. Hoping this post finds you all well, and safe from the ice-showers that have been assaulting the fine city of Norwich out of a surprisingly blue sky. Bring on the heat – we’re planning slightly warmer fare for the daily lunch crowd this week…

See you soon.